Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Spurbox!

We aim to provide you with a good user experience but also we believe in transparency to our users. Therefore we have written an easy to read terms and condition section to keep you informed with our policies. Here are our terms and condition when using our website:

  • Payments
    • PAYPAL

We strongly recommend paypal payment for a fuss free shopping experience. Our paypal account is orders@spurbox.com

    • IBANKING/ATM transfers

We also offer ibanking/ATM direct bank transfers. You can transfer your order payment to any of the following:

-UOB CURRENT 365-308-4313

Once payment is made, please inform us so that we can verify and process your order. Do take note for direct bank transfers it usually takes 12 hours for us to verify, though it can take up to 48 hours on peak periods.

    • PAYLAH 97412300 OR PAYNOW 201713217N

  • Order changes, cancellations and refunds
    • Order Changes

Please contact us if you would like to add or remove items from your order. You can simply reply to the email notification sent to you so that we can assess the order details readily.

Our new MISSED ATTENDANCE POLICY allows you to change your class 3 days prior to the class date free-of-charge! Simply notify us via the email invoice and we will provide you a 100% ticket price in credits return. We will return 70% of the ticket price in credits for you for any missed attendance with less than 72 hours notice.

    • Order Cancellations

Due to the first-come-first-serve nature of our classes and event tickets, we do not allow cancellation of orders on classes and event tickets. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused.

We are unable to refund or compensate for missed attendance for our events. Your ticket(s) value will be returned to you in a gift certificate form instead. The gift certificate voucher have no expiry date and is transferrable.

    • Order Refunds

We are unable to offer any cash refunds. If your order refund request is approved by the admin, you will be issued a gift certificate voucher in replacement for you to utilise in your next purchase.

  • When using our site

We take pride in doing up our website and our materials. Please refrain from reusing any part of our website content without permission.

Our member area section contains materials that are downloadable and printable. Please use them for personal use only. The materials in our member area should not be used for commercial purposes, whether partially or whole.

Personal use means:

– you are a teacher and you are using the materials in a class setting

– you are using the materials with your children at home

Please print or reproduce the materials without the intention to hide our watermark on the materials. Please give us our credit to show your support for our website.

  • When using our products

We will not be liable for any health issue, accidents or injuries from using our products. Any lapse in quality of products should be feedback to us at admin@spurbox.com so that we can investigate with our suppliers.

  • When attending our classes/events

We do events and classes for children of all ages. At any event or class, parents are advise to look after their children to their discretion. We will not be held liable for any accidents and injuries that occur at any time of the event due to negligence.

While our activities are designed for children, any materials used during our activities should not be used out of its recommended purposes. If any child has accidentally ingested any craft materials, we advice the child to stop participation and seek help from a health professional immediately .

Children below the age of 7 should always be accompanied by a caregiver or parent at our event or class.

We reserve the right to discontinue the child participation in our activities should we deem it unsuitable or dangerous for the child.

We will start our classes on time and we are unable to accommodate late comers, therefore we advise our attendees to arrive 5 minutes prior to their scheduled session.In cases you cannot attend your scheduled session and would like to reschedule, please inform us earlier and we will attend to you on a case-to-case basis.

  • Privacy Policy

We collect, and associate with your account, information like your name, email address, phone number, payment info, and physical address for your ease of use at our website and business. We won't sell the information to advertisers or other third-parties.

SPURBOX PTE LTD reserve the rights to change the content of this page without advance notice. Please check back here periodically to be informed of our policies.