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P-Skool Stage 2 [2+ YO]

P-Skool Stage 2

Recommended for 2 years old onwards

Ever notice how your toddler just love to touch and hold everything they see? Toddlers are in their exploration years – with their emerging language skills, their sight and touch senses take center stage as their main form of communication to their world.

Our P-Skool Stage 2 is recommended for 2 years old onwards, focusing on sensory and tactile learning to maximize learning through the two senses. Each monthly box provides reading and play materials that educate your child through play. Our monthly subscription box serves as an excellent educational support that makes learning fun for your child.

Our P-Skool Stage 2 is a series of subscription boxes delivered to you monthly. Through our subscription program, we aim to provide your child with educational entertainment for their sensory needs.

What's in a box?

Alphabet Sensory Cards

Our discovery pack contains sensory cards and 8 laminated picture cards that provide tactile experiences for your child that aids in alphabets A to Z recognition, in both upper and lower cases. These are the basis to kick start their learning journey.

Thematic Worksheets

Our creative worksheets reinforce retention by using different sensory materials. Each box contains different sensory experience and allows your child to practise fine motor pincer skill, to prepare for formal pencil grip.

Creative Craft Packs

Specially chosen craft designed to suit your child's budding artistic abilities, our crafts comes with easy to follow pictorial instructions suitable for your toddler. Each month we focus on 2 animal related crafts to teach your child about the animal kingdom.

Wonder Pack

Each box contains a surprise Tinker Toy of the month. Watch your child have hours of fun with our carefully selected toy. Each box contains a special toy and no two toys are ever the same!


For your first trial!

$27.90 One-time only

Our first P-Skool Stage 2 pack will be delivered to your doorstep for just $25.90! Experience our carefully crafted theme with curated materials and crafts. Lots of fun and learning opportunities ensured!

  • One-time trial pack at only $27.90
  • With free normal postage! (only for SG)


Most value-friendly!

$23.90 per month

Get a ton of fun with our 1 year subscription! Our planned theme will be sent to you monthly for 12 months.

  • Monthly box for 12 months delivered to your house
  • One time hassle free payment of $286.80 and save 15%!
  • Inclusive of free door-to-door delivery

Customized to fit your child

We understand that children progress at different rates, so you can always change your subscription stage at any time. Simply email us to edit your subscription.

Sibling discount!

Share the joy with a sibling! Sign up 2 or more P-Skool subscriptions to enjoy an additional 10% off.