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BUSINESS KIDS : Lemonade Entrepreneur (5-days)


5 day entrepreneur boot camp. Daily from 10am to 3pm.

For children 6 to 12 years old.

Through these 5 days, children will learn how to make cupcakes and lemonade from scratch. They will go through a research session at National Library to gather inspiration on how to make their products better. Must lemonade be yellow or could it be pink? How could the cupcake look more attractive?

The children will challenge themselves and brainstorm to create a competitive product. A trip to the local Red Man outlet will provide opportunities for the children to understand how to manage their own funds and the importance of cost saving. After conceptualizing their product, they will create the new envisioned product and learn how to create the most snap-worthy pictures through picture styling.

Through digital platform, the children will get to fund raise for a greater cause. All proceeds from the sales of bakes will go to Autism Association.

All attending children will receive a certificate of participation and the top fund raiser will receive a trophy.

Material cost of $100 is to be provided to the child during the first day of camp.

Parents are allowed to accompany the child for this project.

This is a small class size of ratio 1:3

Lunch is provided for the child. For adult lunch please contact us for more detail.