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Spurbox introduce FAMILY pass, a point system that is convenient and allows you to save more with every purchase. From services, classes to products, enjoy up to 50% discount. You can easily view your available points in your account for tracking purposes.

FAMILY ($499)
Get 499 points

Get 1100 points!

How to purchase

1. Add item to shopping cart.

2. Pay through paypal/bank transfer.

3. Admin will create your account and you will receive an email notification.

4. Login to your account and view your points!

How to use your FAMILY pass

1. Select your ticket(s) and add to the shopping cart. Checkout of shopping cart.

2. Select <FAMILY/Super Saver Member> during checkout.

3. Admin will confirm the ticket(s) and you will receive the email shortly.

4. Your tickets are secured and points are updated.

Terms & conditions

- Bookings to classes must be made in advance through phone or online booking. Walk-ins are subjected to availability.
- No expiry.
- Card can be used at all outlets.
- Pass is non-refundable but transferrable between accounts.
- Please allow 1 - 3 working days for the admin to confirm the class tickets.
- Can be used for everything in store. Check out the points to see your savings!
- Please note that only birthday parties can only be booked via the Family Plus account.

- For inquiries or urgent matters, please contact us at 9741 2300 or email us at

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