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3/3/2019 Sunday. Lesson started off with an introduction and steps.There was demo too so the kids were clear on what they were supposed to do. Candy room was her first favourite followed by the next room. Thanks to Jijie-Young teacher very passionate with kids and baking that is why my daughter call her that
We want more.
I have 3 girls aged 12, 11 and 6. They enjoy the baking classes very much and looking forward to the next class after each classes they attended. My lil girl very excited that she can bake together with her 2 siblings. Thank you so much as this bring their bonding much closer.
Just got our joy box and it is really a joy! My girl lit up when she would usually be cranky after daycare. The crafts are easy, simple, colourful and engaging for the 3yo. Thank you and keep it up!
They improvised their classes each time I joined. Very interacting for the kids. Nicely prepared and organized. Thumbs up!
My daughter enjoyed it so much so that she kept asking me when are we going back again! :)
We are subscribed to your monthly Spurbox for our 2yo and I must say, thank you for putting in all those works just so that she can enjoy the craft!! Keep up the fantastic work! Impatiently looking forward to the next box~~ =D
Thanks for the great session .. We had lotsa fun!
Thank you for this fabulous party! My girl enjoyed it very much especially the creative crafts. Looking forward to more weekend sessions or party
My children enjoyed the class so much! The teachers were fun and able to communicate with children well. Looking to come back again! xoxo
You guys have the BEST customer service known to man!!! I have always been impressed with how fast you help us out!
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