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Little Anthropologists camp!

eg Emma 6, Kate 5
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1 day - public $175 per day | Family 160 points per day

3 days - public $165 per day | Family 150 points per day

5 days - public $150 per day | Family 120 points per day

Children rejoice! Join us on an adventure through the mysterious histories of civilisations this September holiday. a full day camp for children 4 to 9 years old, from 10am to 6pm. Lunch and snacks are all included in the package. Children are advised to wear socks.

Bake, Craft, Play and Pretend to be little anthropologists! Explore the ancient civilization of Greece, Egypt, China, Aztecs & Vikings! Enjoy 8 hours of engaging activities each day featuring one theme.

All signups will receive a box upon signup. Each day the children will collect their map and the mystery begins! Follow your surprise map to reveal your next destination activities! Children will follow their clues and find out their activities of the day. Each day, there will be one featured special collectible craft to create to form their own survival kit.

Our children will be led by facilitators through the different room activity areas and engaged by the teachers. This is a drop off programme. Ratio of facilitators to student is 1:4.