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About Us

Spurbox is a dynamic company advocating real fun in real education, providing a myriad of well-rounded enrichment activities through our thematic curricula, developed around our strong belief in the theory of multiple intelligences, in which different personalities vary in the ways information is perceived, received and processed, resulting in different learning styles.

Spurbox's programmes emphasize learning through fun and creative play; these include activities such as story-telling through puppetry for engagement and increased information retention as well as hands-on crafts that spark creativity and critical thinking such as bento-making and baking activities.

These activities not only inspire children to gain authentic knowledge of and understand the world through crafting and creation, but also enhance parent and child bonding, achieved through innovatively fun-filled Spurboxes.

Our Mission

At Spurbox, we aim to inspire authentic learning via fun and non-restrictive environments, and are passionately committed to empowering children with creative and critical skills and spurring an appetite for real learning.